About us

Ripples holistic training is a dynamic training services company which aims to provide relevant training solutions in various sectors. These sectors include but are not limited to: Administration, Oil and gas, Engineering, Mining, Agriculture, Banking and Financial services, Human resources management, Public health & Insurance. Change is an inevitable part of the contemporary society we find ourselves in. All companies, big or small, developing or developed; need to adapt and adjust to change in their various sectors for them to thrive.


RHT aims to create a ripple effect in all sectors by ensuring that all courses are delivered after a thorough and extensive research on current trends, latest technology, government policies and new business standards to enable an invaluable experience. Our training solutions aim to assist companies improve their effectiveness and service delivery. RHT allows you to choose from our wide range of courses or use our customised service for a course tailor made for your needs.

Our Approach

Ripples training sessions are based on the well developed IPEI model, which aims at Interacting, Participatory,  Engaging and Involving training.


To truly provide a Ripple effect through our training sessions.